New Year’s Resolutions

Writing them down for posterity.

  1. Eat more soup. This was going to be “eat more vegetables” but that’s too hard. I already eat enough fruit. There is no such thing as too much fruit.
  2. Learn to do eyeshadow properly. I did this with foundation a couple of years ago and it worked well. Last year I had a resolution to wear more lipstick but I consciously gave that up midway through the year because it was all a bit much, choosing a colour to wear everyday was one decision too many. This resolution isn’t wear eyeshadow properly more often, simply that I want to learn how to do it even if I never decide to put that particular learned skill to use.
  3. Document my code better. I tend to talk to myself in my code comments but I’d like to add in proper documentation.

That’s it for the public ones unique to this year. Wish me luck.

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