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You can hire me! I have some availability starting in April for either an ongoing relationship as a developer or one off help. My current role is acting as the contract lead developer for a company. (If you have a project which needs someone for a day or two before then, also let me know! I’m always happy to chat.)

I tend to develop using WordPress as a CMS and have developed web apps which integrate with it in both React and Vue. I also have experience of creating custom apis to client specifications and database architecture.

My favourite types of projects are where people say “I didn’t think you could do that in WordPress!” (followed closely by anything that requires debugging, I love debugging code).

This site uses WordPress as a backend and Gatsby as a frontend. It’s hosted on Netlify. If you have any questions about how I made something work, please ask! I love talking about what I’ve done here.

Privacy notice: if you fill out this form, it will store it on Netlify. And I will see what you write and get your email address and may use that to contact you. 😊

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