Calculate object.clipTo rectangle path when cropping in Fabric.js

Playing with Fabric.js was fun although one bit I had trouble with was calculating the object.clipTo rectangle path.

The docs say this:

clipTo :function Function that determines clipping of an object (context is passed as a first >argument) Note that context origin is at the object’s center point (not >left/top corner)”

I got turned around with the initial coordinates but working out this derivation helped immensely:


2 responses to “Calculate object.clipTo rectangle path when cropping in Fabric.js”

  1. Ramya

    Hi , i m facing issues in cropping.. followed ur formula to calculate coordinates still no luck. the whole image is getting disappeared when cropping the selected rectangle.

  2. I found it really confusing and did this a while ago so can’t remember the particulars but the issue was that the context origin – (0,0) – is not a corner as I would have expected, instead it’s the center of the object.

    But I do remember at first I brute forced it because I had the same issue. I just tried smaller and smaller hardcoded rectangles around the origin until I figured out what was going on. 🙂 I know that’s not the answer to your question but it helped me understand what was going on.

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