Category: WordPress

  • Using custom tables with CMB2

    This is more straightforward than I expected (yay thank you @jtsternberg). The short of it is to add a filter to cmb2_override_meta_value or cmb2_override_{$a[‘field_id’]}_meta_value to get the data and cmb2_override_meta_save to save it. But what if I have a repeatable group huh? What then?

  • Bulk deleting users in WordPress multisite

    So I have over 10,000 spam users and need to delete them1. The bulk delete in multisite only does 20 at a time and is somewhat slow so I wanted a better way to delete them all. This could be a massive mistake, if you are reading this because you need the same thing, you…

  • Setting up VVV v1 with SSL

    Even taking into stupid mistakes, this was fairly straightforward. Here’s how I set up my VVV local sites with SSL so I’m not screwed when I accidentally update Chrome. (It happens.)

  • WordPress development beginners’ workshop debrief

    I helped out with a beginners’ WordPress development workshop with Jenny Wong for TECH(K)NOW Ada Lovelace Day. We had two hours and she talked about WordPress then I did a workshop bit.

  • Gutenberg identifiable but still non-global blocks

    I wanted to be able to add meta data to individual blocks, so needed a way of telling the blocks apart. What I’ve ended up doing is straightforward: each block gets a data-id attribute which contains the block’s uuid at time of creation.

  • Gutenberg wish list

    Ok, this is without really looking at it so maybe it has these. identifiable non-global blocks (so not these: because I want to maybe use postmeta with a block? I don’t know, I have this vague idea that I’m too lazy to articulate atm. ok this wasn’t bad, I’ve done this. the ability to limit…

  • Gutenberg test, a simple FAQ block

    This is my first attempt at a Gutenberg block. I’m building this looking at / copying nylen’s Gutenberg examples plugin. Mine is named “Gutenbergerli” because this will be wonderful for a few hours then it’ll go stale, just like Luxemburgerli which are some of the best things ever for a time, at least.

  • Improving Gravatar (the service)

    The problem: Gravatar hashes are somewhat easy to crack. Websites are super easy to scrape. Sites with Gravatar urls in the img-src or profile link make it trivial to generate lists of hashes to crack. Other data available on sites and in Gravatar profiles can be used to generate targeted wordlists which make cracking a…

  • A Slack bot that gets the last three posts from a WordPress site

    This Glitch project grabs the latest three posts for WordPress sites which are using either the WP REST API or the version via Jetpack. It uses MongoDB for persistence. It’s not super exciting or well written but a fairly effective way to mindlessly try sites on Slack and see if they have the WP…

  • Keeping your email address safe on Gravatar enabled sites (or if you don’t know if it is or not)

    Do you consider your email address to be private information but use it to register and comment on WordPress powered sites? Many WordPress sites use Gravatar to provide the avatars on comments and user lists and this can be an issue if you do.