Category: talks and proposals

  • A talk on community management and tech support

    I gave a talk at WordPress London in May about dealing with people who use your website, tech support and community management. Can I embed my slides? No I cannot. You can find my slides here. There’s a video of the talk on the WordPress London Facebook page, but you’ll need to request to be a member.…

  • Improving Gravatar (the service)

    The problem: Gravatar hashes are somewhat easy to crack. Websites are super easy to scrape. Sites with Gravatar urls in the img-src or profile link make it trivial to generate lists of hashes to crack. Other data available on sites and in Gravatar profiles can be used to generate targeted wordlists which make cracking a…

  • Keeping your email address safe on Gravatar enabled sites (or if you don’t know if it is or not)

    Do you consider your email address to be private information but use it to register and comment on WordPress powered sites? Many WordPress sites use Gravatar to provide the avatars on comments and user lists and this can be an issue if you do.