Using Select2 with ajax with CMB2 repeating groups

No idea if the title makes sense. I wanted a Select2 which uses a remote data source queried via ajax with a CMB2 repeating group so made a plugin to understand it better. It’s pretty heavily commented so I don’t forget why I did what I did. There are definitely a few if not many …

Using custom tables with CMB2

This is more straightforward than I expected (yay thank you @jtsternberg). The short of it is to add a filter to cmb2_override_meta_value or cmb2_override_{$a[‘field_id’]}_meta_value to get the data and cmb2_override_meta_save to save it. But what if I have a repeatable group huh? What then?

A talk on community management and tech support

I gave a talk at WordPress London in May about dealing with people who use your website, tech support and community management. Can I embed my slides? No I cannot. You can find my slides here. There’s a video of the talk on the WordPress London Facebook page, but you’ll need to request to be a member. …

Gutenberg wish list

Ok, this is without really looking at it so maybe it has these. identifiable non-global blocks (so not these: because I want to maybe use postmeta with a block? I don’t know, I have this vague idea that I’m too lazy to articulate atm. ok this wasn’t bad, I’ve done this. the ability to limit …

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